You’re Welcome (more Nickel Creek love)

Nickel Creek, in fine form at the NPR studios, up close and personal. Click below to watch!


Mourning the End

The-Civil-WarsIt’s a sad day in my apartment; The Civil Wars have officially split. Yes, I know – an “indefinite hiatus” in which the two band members were not on speaking terms was not the most auspicious situation. But a girl could hope.

No more.

In mourning, I have been playing their music on repeat all evening. Which is almost exclusively mournful songs to begin with. Sometimes, wallowing is wonderful.

On the plus side, as a goodbye gift The Civil Wars are offering a free download of their [extremely-mournful-bordering-on-creepy] version of You Are MY Sunshine, from the Barton Hollow Vinyl B-side here. Don’t miss it! And happy wallowing, fellow mourners.