You know you’re from Chicago when… (part 3)

…Chicago winters hold no surprises for you.

And this  has been quite a winter. From snow to rain to Rahm Emmanuel, we’ve had it all. One Polar Vortex, Two major snowstorms, Three days of frozen car, Four snow plows total (kidding*), 50 degrees of temperature change in one week, and a Rahm Emmanuel in a pear tree which is up shit creek.

If this was your first Chicago winter, you a no longer a stranger to:


– Lake Effect snow,
– dibs (see left),
– ineffective bureaucracy,
– black ice,
– epic wipe-outs,
– precarious icicles on tall buildings,
– real temp. vs. windchill temp,
– thundersnow.

Hello, Chiberia.

*Oh wonderful snow plow people, I APPRECIATE YOU!


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