You know you’re from Chicago when… (part 2)

…it drives you crazy that people use city lingo incorrectly.

1) How to properly refer to the expressways:
It’s “Fifty-five,” not “THE fifty-five.” “THE fifty-five” is a CTA bus route.
(Alternately, if you were really a local, you’d call it by name. But let’s not go there yet.)

2) “Ukrainian Village,” not “THE Ukrainian Village”. You wouldn’t call Iowa “The Iowa.”

3) “The El/L” and “The Loop” are not the same thing. “The El” or “L” refers to the CTA electric train network as a whole, while “The Loop” is merely the downtown portion of it that runs in…you guessed it…a loop. (Additionally, “the Loop” can refer to the geographic region of Downtown that is covered by the loop section of the L.)

Those are the big three for now, but stay tuned for updates!

Want to see Part 1? Check here.


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