A new (to me) Christian perspective on gun control

In the wake of the Navy Yard killings and the shooting today on Capitol hill, and reminded of what I recently wrote about violence in my own home-city of Chicago, I’d like to share a Washington Post op-ed by Rev. Henry G. Brinton, a Presbyterian pastor in Virginia. Though my views on gun control come from a very different theological basis, I think that the principle that he suggests has the power to re-frame the issue in a way that could restart productive conversation among Christians who for so long have been at loggerheads.

“The religious community needs to unite around a message that will keep guns out of the hands of people who will use them to do violence to themselves and others, whether they are depressed young people, delusional shooters, or children who stumble across guns in the home. I’m not talking about new gun control laws, but instead a new consensus on the proper place of firearms in our society.”                    

                -H.G. Brinton


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